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Dr. David McCann is one of the board-certified ophthalmologists at Rocky Mountain Eye Center. He’s also a skilled oculoplastic surgeon with a special interest in cosmetic treatments that help defy the effects of aging, including Botox® injections and Restylane® dermal fillers. Dr. McCann sees patients at the Hamilton and Missoula, Montana, locations. Schedule a visit today to discover what the cosmetic services offered at Rocky Mountain Eye Center can mean for you. Call the office or book an appointment online.

Botox & Fillers Q & A

How Does Botox Reduce the Signs of Aging?

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Botox is a popular injectable cosmetic treatment that decreases lines and wrinkles on your face by relaxing the muscles that create them. Whenever you smile, frown, or otherwise express yourself, muscles just under your skin move in tandem with your emotions. This action crinkles your face adorably when you’re 6 years old, but it can etch worrisome crow’s feet and frown lines into your skin when you’re 40-ish.

Dr. McCann can solve that problem by delivering Botox injections into the involved muscles. Botox blocks nerve signals from the brain and causes the targeted muscles to relax. The goal is to decrease the muscular action enough to smooth away the lines and wrinkles without eliminating your expression entirely.

What is Restylane Dermal Filler?

The Restylane brand uses quality, injectable formulas that mimic your body’s naturally occurring hyaluronic acid to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and restore lost volume to your face. The gel-like substance provides immediate results with a very smooth and natural appearance.  

As you age, the subcutaneous padding/fat layer just under your skin diminishes. Your skin reacts to this change by sagging and drooping. When injected under the skin in your cheeks, forehead, and lip regions, Restylane re-plumps these areas and provides a youthful lift to sagging skin as it smooths away wrinkles.

How Long Do the Treatments Take — and Are They Painful?

Due to Dr. McCann’s surgical skills and experience, Botox injections provided at Rocky Mountain Eye Center are quick and delivered accurately, which leaves you looking naturally youthful rather than plastic and expressionless. Other than a very mild pinch from the needle, there’s little discomfort involved, and no significant downtime required after the injections.

With dermal fillers, you also benefit from Dr. McCann’s expertise and surgical training. Dermal fillers can end up looking oddly abnormal when they aren’t injected appropriately. You won’t be left with chipmunk cheeks or lumpy, bumpy wrinkles with the treatments Dr. McCann provides. The filler may sting a bit as it settles in place, but this is usually very well-tolerated, and the procedure goes quickly.

For natural-appearing solutions to the aging process delivered via a simple injection, schedule a free consultation appointment today with Dr. McCann at Rocky Mountain Eye Center.